Vultures Artwork.png

Vultures (single)

by Delta Mainline

The 405: “Feverishly enjoyable”

Clash Music: “Beautiful songwriting.”

Netsounds: “Sublime and mesmerising . . . the sky may well not be the limit ”

Tenement TV: “Exquisite dream pop . . . beautifully and awe-inspiringly layered”

17 Seconds: “Shimmeringly beautiful”

Dancing About Architecture: “A tsunami of emotion and colour washing over you. A music induced high”

Mentioned Reviews: “Jaw-dropping”

Musicscramble: “Gorgeous soundscapes”

We Close Tonight: “Delta Mainline find a route straight to your very core within a matter of seconds . . . The raw power that exudes from the second half of this track is exactly why all of us love music so much”

Monolith Cocktail: “A swooning belter of a tune in two halves.”

Vox Box Music: “A world class single”

The Daily Record: “So good you’ll be pressing repeat . . . A soaring beginning.”