Bel Avenir

Clash Music: “Titanic shoegaze with a clear Krautrock influence . . . pure, unfettered creativity.”

Echoes and Dust: “This album is really quite special . . . bursting with wonderful sounds throughout . . . a tremendous set of songs that manage to be euphoric and melancholic at the same time . . . This truly is an album to treasure and every play reveals so many new sounds and intricate patterns . . . A contender for album of the year.”

SlyVinyl: “Delta Mainline are doing their damnedest to build a bridge to the promised land . . . a rich orchestral landscape . . . It’s the sound The Flaming Lips wanted as they wrote The Soft Bulletin, it’s the cloud that Anton Newcombe was always reaching for in the nineties, it’s about as close to the heavens as you can get without seeing the white light. A must listen.”

Vic Galloway (on BBC Radio 6 Music): “Huge widescreen indie rock from Delta Mainline . . . they do take their time, but it’s worth it . . . really ambitious sounding record”

is this music?: “Big sounds and grand ideas . . . Truly epic, and well worth the wait.”

XS NOISE: “Those seeking music with layers, depth, atmosphere and melody should seek out Delta Mainline’s new record . . . Krautrock rhythms, colourful synths, epic arrangements and warming vocals make a joyous mixture . . . grows on the ears with each listen.”

Comeherefloyd: “As expansive and indelibly thought provoking as Pink Floyd . . . a triumphant return”

American Pancake: "“A multi-colored psychedelic affair with dark waves . . . whimsical and dark but oh so cool. If Folk Stories & Fairytales was a movie I would be first in line to see it.”

Monolith Cocktail: “a most pleasing way to spend forty minutes or so . . . very fine songs . . . Delta Mainline are a band that wear their influences on their sleeves, but wear them pretty well and with great style.”

Betty Mayonnaise Official: “fantastic - mutant blend of everything bar the kitchen sink . . . Very celestial at times, quirky in the extreme and very eccentric, BM loves it”

Ancient of Hours: “The opening track feels like David Bowie drowning in a swimming pool, and it goes from there. Dreamy and syrupy, overlaid with all manner of decadent excess. Dark, drugged-out psych-gaze-pop.”

Velvety Blog: “echoes of Spacemen 3 and The Jesus & Mary Chain that is enjoyed with pleasure.”

Vultures Artwork.png

Vultures (single)

by Delta Mainline

The 405: “Feverishly enjoyable”

Clash Music: “Beautiful songwriting.”

Netsounds: “Sublime and mesmerising . . . the sky may well not be the limit ”

Tenement TV: “Exquisite dream pop . . . beautifully and awe-inspiringly layered”

17 Seconds: “Shimmeringly beautiful”

Dancing About Architecture: “A tsunami of emotion and colour washing over you. A music induced high”

Mentioned Reviews: “Jaw-dropping”

Musicscramble: “Gorgeous soundscapes”

We Close Tonight: “Delta Mainline find a route straight to your very core within a matter of seconds . . . The raw power that exudes from the second half of this track is exactly why all of us love music so much”

Monolith Cocktail: “A swooning belter of a tune in two halves.”

Vox Box Music: “A world class single”

The Daily Record: “So good you’ll be pressing repeat . . . A soaring beginning.”


Oh! Enlightened

by Delta Mainline

The Scotsman: “A most impressive debut . . . it ripples with an energy seldom heard since punk’s headiest days.” ★★★★★

Artrocker: “A real ear blowing treat” ★★★★

The Daily Express: “A staggeringly accomplished debut album. “ ★★★★

The Daily Star: “Bold and adventurous” ★★★★

God Is in the TV Zine: “One of the best debuts of the year . . . every listen reveals something different.” ★★★★”

The Irish Times: “Brace yourself: bliss this way comes.” ★★★★

Q Magazine: “Owes a debt to the grandeur of the Bunnymen or Arcade Fire . . . a clutch of strong songs”

R2 Magazine: “Hits the jackpot quite triumphantly” ★★★★

Uncut Magazine: “Impressive debut from Scottish septet” 7/10

Echoes and Dust: “An album that astounds with every play. An outstanding debut.”

Jim Gellatly (The Scottish Sun): Beautifully layered, and creating some glorious soundscapes, it’s a confident affair from a band at the top of their game.”

The Midlands Rocks: “As an album it’s such a bold statement of intent that I had to double-check my sources to make sure that it was indeed a debut . . . Huge; Dark; Emotive: Beautiful: Ambitious.” 8/10

The Skinny: “A bold, ambitious and at times genuinely impressive first album”

Tuppence Magazine: “A potential classic.”

A Music Blog, Yea?: “Drenched in psychedelic pop and blissful melodies . . . excellent to say the least.”

The Tidal Wave of Indifference: “Gloriously out of step with the rest of Scottish music . . . utterly glorious”

Loud Horizon: “One hugely classy album” 8.5/10

Intamission Music: “These songs sound huge . . . A supremely assured debut”

Louder than War: “The real deal is finally here . . .such a coherent, well thought out body of work”

The Mad Mackerel: “Delta Mainline may just be the real deal . . . Oh! Enlightened has enough imagination and originality about it to rise above the stoned fog and announce itself loud and clear.”

Ravechild: “This is a very bold album from Edinburgh based septet Delta Mainline . . . A roller coaster of different styles.”

Unknown Pleasures: The best thing to come out of Edinburgh in a LONG time . . . an ambitious album which will have you wondering how they managed to conjure up something so spectacular for a debut record.”

In a World Full of Madness.jpg

In a World Full of Madness, the Simple Joy of Melody Can Pull You Through (EP)

by Delta Mainline

The Skinny: “What does strike you is the sonic wave of lush instrumentation, layers and layers of psychedelic goodness, creating a hugely textural and almost space-age sound. This is a talented band . . .if you’re looking to get swept along in a whirlwind of epic reverberated rock then you could do a lot worse than to jump on the Delta Mainline.” “If there is anyone else capable of the integrity of this musical vision at the moment I would love to hear them.” ★★★★★ “A band that have not yet made a debut album have no right to be making songs that sound so accomplished and are so awash with ideas and intricate details.” 4.5 / 5 “Bold adventurousness.” 7/10

New Reviews: “A statement. An EP. A musical wonder. This seven-piece have produced something pretty phenomenal . . . full of colour and passion, they have got it all spot on . . . each track comes into its own and will whisk you away in an expressionist journey that you can’t quite explain.”