Vultures Artwork.png

Vultures (single)

by Delta Mainline

The 405: “Feverishly enjoyable”

Clash Music: “Beautiful songwriting.”

Netsounds: “Sublime and mesmerising . . . the sky may well not be the limit ”

Tenement TV: “Exquisite dream pop . . . beautifully and awe-inspiringly layered”

17 Seconds: “Shimmeringly beautiful”

Dancing About Architecture: “A tsunami of emotion and colour washing over you. A music induced high”

Mentioned Reviews: “Jaw-dropping”

Musicscramble: “Gorgeous soundscapes”

We Close Tonight: “Delta Mainline find a route straight to your very core within a matter of seconds . . . The raw power that exudes from the second half of this track is exactly why all of us love music so much”

Monolith Cocktail: “A swooning belter of a tune in two halves.”

Vox Box Music: “A world class single”

The Daily Record: “So good you’ll be pressing repeat . . . A soaring beginning.”


Oh! Enlightened

by Delta Mainline

The Scotsman: “A most impressive debut . . . it ripples with an energy seldom heard since punk’s headiest days.” ★★★★★

Artrocker: “A real ear blowing treat” ★★★★

The Daily Express: “A staggeringly accomplished debut album. “ ★★★★

The Daily Star: “Bold and adventurous” ★★★★

God Is in the TV Zine: “One of the best debuts of the year . . . every listen reveals something different.” ★★★★”

The Irish Times: “Brace yourself: bliss this way comes.” ★★★★

Q Magazine: “Owes a debt to the grandeur of the Bunnymen or Arcade Fire . . . a clutch of strong songs”

R2 Magazine: “Hits the jackpot quite triumphantly” ★★★★

Uncut Magazine: “Impressive debut from Scottish septet” 7/10

Echoes and Dust: “An album that astounds with every play. An outstanding debut.”

Jim Gellatly (The Scottish Sun): Beautifully layered, and creating some glorious soundscapes, it’s a confident affair from a band at the top of their game.”

The Midlands Rocks: “As an album it’s such a bold statement of intent that I had to double-check my sources to make sure that it was indeed a debut . . . Huge; Dark; Emotive: Beautiful: Ambitious.” 8/10

The Skinny: “A bold, ambitious and at times genuinely impressive first album”

Tuppence Magazine: “A potential classic.”

A Music Blog, Yea?: “Drenched in psychedelic pop and blissful melodies . . . excellent to say the least.”

The Tidal Wave of Indifference: “Gloriously out of step with the rest of Scottish music . . . utterly glorious”

Loud Horizon: “One hugely classy album” 8.5/10

Intamission Music: “These songs sound huge . . . A supremely assured debut”

Louder than War: “The real deal is finally here . . .such a coherent, well thought out body of work”

The Mad Mackerel: “Delta Mainline may just be the real deal . . . Oh! Enlightened has enough imagination and originality about it to rise above the stoned fog and announce itself loud and clear.”

Ravechild: “This is a very bold album from Edinburgh based septet Delta Mainline . . . A roller coaster of different styles.”

Unknown Pleasures: The best thing to come out of Edinburgh in a LONG time . . . an ambitious album which will have you wondering how they managed to conjure up something so spectacular for a debut record.”

In a World Full of Madness.jpg

In a World Full of Madness, the Simple Joy of Melody Can Pull You Through (EP)

by Delta Mainline

The Skinny: “What does strike you is the sonic wave of lush instrumentation, layers and layers of psychedelic goodness, creating a hugely textural and almost space-age sound. This is a talented band . . .if you’re looking to get swept along in a whirlwind of epic reverberated rock then you could do a lot worse than to jump on the Delta Mainline.” “If there is anyone else capable of the integrity of this musical vision at the moment I would love to hear them.” ★★★★★ “A band that have not yet made a debut album have no right to be making songs that sound so accomplished and are so awash with ideas and intricate details.” 4.5 / 5 “Bold adventurousness.” 7/10

New Reviews: “A statement. An EP. A musical wonder. This seven-piece have produced something pretty phenomenal . . . full of colour and passion, they have got it all spot on . . . each track comes into its own and will whisk you away in an expressionist journey that you can’t quite explain.”